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Easy Pack

Moving to a foreign country is a life-changing decision.

In order to make this transition easier for you, we have created an adaptable pack that includes all the insurance you need in just one place, with the best value for money.

Our goal with this pack is to help you enjoy a carefree travel with peace of mind.


The following table presents what the Easy Pack has to offer :

Coverage name Elements covered
Rental home Insurance Burglary, water damage, fire and catastrophies...
Health Insurance Hospital fees, medical practitioners, specialists, braces, glasses...
Everyday Accidents Insurance Accidental injuries occuring during everyday life
Liability Insurance Lawsuits and other claims
Return Insurance A plane is booked for your return home in case of grave illness or injury
Luggage Insurance Coverage for your belongings in case of lost, stolen, or damaged baggage
Legal Expenses Insurance Costs of legal action for or against the policyholder
Psychological support Psychologist fees following a shock or grave event

Also includes :

  • Help for administrative procedures from Creassure
  • An iPhone/Android app that provides information about medical services in France

For au pairs :

The same exact package is available for au pairs, without the Rental Home Insurance that they don't need.


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